Pure Gain Audio

The Skinny: Dynamic Los Angeles indie rock band, Polaris Rose, are set to release their vibrant new EP OceanSongs, on April 22, 2014. Peter Anthony and Madelynn Elyse are the vibing duo that make up Polaris Rose and together work to craft an effortlessly eccentric sound. Their music is a place where illustrious songwriting collides with intricate harmonies for an electrifying yet sparse atmosphere of music. Their newest release, OceanSongs is a hyped-up, smattering of sounds. Self-Produced by Peter and Madelynn, the album carries with it a consistent and unique sound, the arrangements and melodic themes building on top of one another for a cohesive, highly anticipated release. Check out the free download of the song "Hurricanes".

The Aquarian

The best characteristic of Polaris Rose is their natural harmonious flow. They’ve got a unique situation in the sense that they have a really good balance between their musical efforts and relationship to each other. There isn’t a forced bond or lack of one either, but rather it seems like they’ve found a good bond without having to work too hard. They’ve set high hopes, and I expect them to step out of the comfort zone and be musically adventurous next time around.

Pancakes and Whiskey

Polaris Rose present an eye opening exploration of modern day media in their new video, “TigerBait.” Throughout the video, the duo explore the effect that media has on all of our relationships, with captivating visuals that date back to the 1950’s and 60’s. Through their psychedelic rock atmosphere, they take viewers on an in-depth look at the simplicity of our relationships, and the striking maneuvers marketers use to get inside our heads. Between cinematic shots of the duo themselves and flashbacks to a different period in time, they tell a compelling story as a sort of warning against letting outside influences leave a mark on our most sacred relationships.