7.27.14 - Recording 'Telescopes'



We’re fueling this rocket!  Cement mixers full of blood & sweat, powered by our sleepless nights, are being dumped into the good ship ‘Telescopes’, which we are still hesitating to call an EP… because, who knows how many of these 13 songs we’ll ultimately include.  Maybe we have ourselves a full LP…

This July has been our Tracking month, where we try to get all the elements finalized and ready to mix.  This is a very rewarding process, because it’s the point where we really begin to hear our songs come together.  August is our mixing month, which will once more be done by yours truly.

We’ve been having a great time working with some of our favorite people, Kiel Feher and Yan Perchuk.  Kiel has been playing drums with us on all things Polaris Rose since our first EP, ‘The Moon & its Secrets’ and he is a good friend and a phenomenal player.  He has been gracious enough to welcome us to track drums at his home studio (which I insist should be called Frogtown Studios, but which he still hasn’t decided on).  Meanwhile, we have been tracking vocals with Yan Perchuk, who has been a pleasure to work with and always good for a laugh.  We have been recording our vocals at Vibrant Productions (Yan’s home Studio) and he has been a real joy to work with.


A handful of the songs have risen to the top and seem to have ‘single’ qualities.  We are preparing for another week of TLC on these tracks before sending them to the right people and beginning that “what are our singles” discussion.  From there, we’ll begin work on music videos.  Ultimately, we hope to have our first single released in September and our first video in October.  So this fall should be an exciting stream of releases leading up to the release of ‘Telescopes’ (November).

But while choosing our ‘singles’ is super important, we are also keeping an eye on what our potential album could be.  In this regard, ‘Telescopes’ (as we are calling this next release) has been unlike albums I’ve done before.  Over the years, I’ve written many albums to play out in a certain order, with a certain number of songs.  With Polaris Rose - however - we have been recording songs that have a certain sound but that are - to a certain extent - unrelated.  The themes behind the lyrics are what unite these songs.  I can tell you that - for us - there is a particular message and idea behind the songs of ‘Telescopes’, but that’ll be something for each listener to discern (or not).

In other news, our puppy Meatloaf got a little sick… a dehydrated mini-daschund is a sad little thing.  But, after a night in the animal hospital, he is back home and has returned to his chipper little self. 

Oh, and Maddie and I are temporarily obsessed with the app French Girls.  You upload a selfie and someone draws you… You get to draw other people, which is our favorite part.  :)



Madelynn Elyse