Lots of commotion here on the good ship Polaris Rose.  Aye, we’ve hoisted our mizzen mass (even though we’re not entirely sure what that is) and we’ve set our course to starboard.

This blog will be a bit brief, I think.  We’ve been recording!  Ocean Blue, Velvet Skies is on it’s way to becoming an 8-song reality.  Drums are done!  Kiel Feher killed it.  Now, we’re back with Yan Perchuk tracking vocals.  There is much rejoicing (yea!).  Next week we start rerecording some guitars and bass… forever searching for a better sound.  We’ve got some great people who have agreed to help us with mixing and mastering… we think this record is gonna be a great step forward sonically.

We have a show coming up!  It’s a special Acoustic Night that Maddie and I have wanted to do for a while.  The venue is the tiny, intimate Touch Vinyl record shop.  Kiel and Matt Saba will be joining us still, but it will be a bit more lovely (less rocky).  I’ve been saying we are playing ‘lullaby’ versions of our songs… and we’ll provide milk and cookies for everyone in attendance.  Maddie also insists on performing in her pajamas… in a onesy, no less.

One last thing… we had a fun time chatting with Dr. Bones on his radio show the other day.  Take a listen!

Madelynn Elyse