WOW wow wow!  Today was one of the coolest musical experiences of our lives.

I’ll give you the long story…

Maddie and I woke up at 8am.  Actually, Maddie woke up at 8am and (in typical Maddie fashion) proceeded to pester me until I emerged from my slumber.  We made a quick cup of coffee and got ourselves moving.  Traffic over Laurel Canyon was a drag, but we soon found ourselves in Culver City.  We were at the grumpy/bitchy/nasty stage of our morning.  Thankfully, Tender Greens opened at 11, so we swung inside and scarfed down two fancy salads (hooray for veggies!)  Even better, TG’s had cold brew.  Huzzah!  Sweet life-saving nectar!

12 noon rolled around and we made our way to Sony Pictures.  After a minute of confusion with security, we found ourselves at the end of the rainbow at the Thalberg building.  We descended into the screening rooms, where (at an amazing spot called the Bakery) we were scheduled to master our album “Ocean Blue, Velvet Skies” with the phenomenal Eric Boulanger.  John Spiker - our mixer - joined us as well.  After some hellos and chit-chat, we dove into the record.  Eric pulled up our song “Rose” first, working his magic with tremendous refinement.  Maddie and I sat back and smiled, not entirely sure what he was doing but loving it all the while.

The day was a lot of fun.  We hung out, we chatted, talked music, watched videos made by the ‘my talking pet’ app… all the while, we listened to Spiker’s amazing mixes of 'Ocean Blue, Velvet Skies’ come even more alive.  It seemed like everyone had a good time and everyone was in good spirits.

So.  Basically.  Incredible.