10.25.14 - Perfect View

First off, thank you for taking the time to put aside those enticing cat videos and reading the ramblings of an alt rock songwriter.  The other night, I mentioned to Maddie, “I may stop doing the whole ‘process’ blog posts.  I don’t think anyone really reads them.”  To which she replied.  “Oh, I have people mention things from those blog posts all the time!”  Thus, here we go!  Another trip down the rabbit hole…

A lot has happened since I last wrote.  First off, our single ‘Perfect View’has been doing really well!  We’re not quite sure how it happened, but the song was featured on Soundcloud’s ‘Explore’ section… which saw us catching 500+ plays a day.  Things have slowed down now, but we are super happy to see that - in the month since ‘Perfect View’ was first released - it has received (to date) 7,891 plays and a good amount of interaction.  We realize that this isn’t much by Soundcloud standards, but it was all organic and good by our standards.

The music video for ‘Perfect View’ has also been released.  As a song, ‘Perfect View’ is a bit more straight-forward (lyrically) and concerns the cross-country move that Maddie and I made back in 2010.  Well, looking through some old files, we found footage from around the time we first arrived… this provided the majority of the ‘Perfect View’ video… a candid look at the same moment ‘Perfect View’ was written about.

Finally, we are very excited for next Monday, November 3rd!  HunnyPot is throwing a mighty bash and we’ll be playing a set.  For us, it’s a great opportunity to share some of our new tunes before ‘Telescopes’ is released.  We’ll be having a special guest join us on stage too… so, I think you’ll want to come on out.  :)


Till next time!


Madelynn Elyse