11.8.2014 - Comet

‘Telescopes’ is nearly here.  It’s pretty wild to see.  We started this album back in April and now here we are.  Finally!  And we are very excited!

We will be performing our CD Release at Hotel Cafe on Friday, December 5th at 10pm.  This is an important night for us, not only because it’s a celebration of the music we will share, but also because it’s the start of a new journey for us.

To promote the upcoming show, we are going to be putting out some little online trinkets here and there.  The first of which is an acoustic version of ‘Perfect View’.  Enjoy!

There will be other shares along the way.  In the meantime, thank you all so much for supporting us and spreading the love!


Oh!  And most important.  we got a new puppy.  Internet, meet Comet.

Madelynn Elyse