2-14-2015  - Set Me on Fire

We are excited to share this!  Below is the remixed and remastered version of ‘Set Me on Fire’… Mixed by Yan Perchuk and Mastered by Joe Bozzi.

 A brief story of how this all came about… last summer, me mixed our LP 'Telescopes’ on our own.  Some would say it’s a super bad idea to mix your own work, although many artists out there can understand the desire to have creative control over the final outpouring.  While we are very happy with 'Telescopes’ as a whole, we wanted to give 'Set Me on Fire’ a bit of a special treatment.

We reached out to our pal Yan Perchuk.  Yan has been with us since the beginning, helping us to track vocals on our first two EPs and 'Telescopes’ as well.  We asked if he’d be willing to mix the track for us and he agreed.  He then put us in touch with Joe Bozzi, who mastered it.  Overall, it was a three-day process that gives us a slicker, cleaner mix of 'Set Me on Fire’.


Madelynn Elyse