2-19-2015.  And then there were 8...

The demos are done!  All in all, we sent off 14 songs to a series of good listeners… our manager, our drummer, a terrific producer named Yan, and our guitarist… as well as a few great friends, like our videographer David Walk and an old musical buddy of mine named Blake.

Just before sending out the songs, Maddie and I put our heads together and selected 8 songs that we felt were ‘it’.  Looking at the list, they were the songs we felt best about.  The only problem was that those 8 songs ranged from ‘classic’ Polaris Rose sound to dark & bluesy.  In the upcoming weeks, selecting the right songs will be a major task for us.  Or maybe we’ll just record them all.  Haha, it depends on if we want to make a statement and say ‘we’re a super dynamic band!’ Or if we want to go for a more uniform sound… which would likely equate to a more-easily-marketable band.  

The feedback we’ve been getting back has all been positive and there seems to be a widespread agreement over what the best tunes are.  And for that, we are pleased.  

Just a side note:  in the background of this entire selection process, I have begun writing our next record.  My working title is Red Sunset.  We’ll see.  I’m not married to the idea.

Aside from that, there have been a lot of big life-changers for Maddie and me.  We are moving!  Finally abandoning our tiny 1 bedroom apartment and soaring into a larger, quieter neighborhood in the valley.  After a stressful week of searching we ‘found it’ and now we’re heading there Monday to sign the paperwork.  Fingers crossed!

So, happy late Valentines Day to you all!  You’ll be hearing from us sooner rather than later (i always say that, don’t I?)

Madelynn Elyse