3-20-2015.  ValleyDogs

The last month has been absolutely insane for us.  The end result is a successful move out to the valley… and we couldn’t be happier with our new apartment.  It’s bigger, it’s quieter… and the area is far lovelier.  There are actual trees outside!  haha.

First, we are very excited to be performing at the Hotel Cafe on April 17th!  We will be joined on stage by our good friends Matt Saba and Carlos Beltran.  We’ve been crafting the flow of the set and we are excited to be playing songs from all 3 of our previous releases and one song off of the upcoming Ocean Blue, Velvet Skies.  We have also been dabbling into covering a famous pop song… we’ll see if we pull that one together.

The move out to the valley has set us back a month on the production of Ocean Blue, Velvet Skies.  We have the 6 songs ready to go.  Step 1 is tracking drums with Kiel Feher… but we had to bump back recording (which was supposed happen mid-march) to the first week of April.  We are looking at having the EP finished in July or August.  

Last month, our manager showed some of our tunes to a European producer who liked them.  I’m paraphrasing, but he mentioned the Beach Boys and said we had a “new california” sound.  Total paraphrasing, but that’s what I took from it.  It was inspiring to me, to hear an outside perspective like that.  I think Maddie and I have always tried to stay away from being overtly ‘california’ in our music… but hey, I guess you can’t escape your environment.  There’s nothing more spectacular than a California sunset, after all… so why not let that color your art?

Madelynn Elyse