2-24-15.  EP vs LP

Friday night we had a chat with our manager and landed on the songs that we want to release next.  Out of 23 ideas, we sent off 14 songs, which we whittled down to 8 of our favorites, which is now 6.  The idea is to release a compact, energetic record that is direct and immediate.  Thus, our next release should probably be called an EP… but I suspect we’ll refrain from using that word.

Speaking of releasing an EP instead of a longer LP… Maddie and I were talking about this during the demoing process.  I would recommend to all young bands to hold off on making longer records.  Unless - of course - it’s creatively the absolute right thing for you to do.  We invested more money into Telescopes and really busted our asses to release that chunk of 10 songs… and - although  we are really happy with the album’s reception and the number of folks willing to take the time to engage with the full album - we also feel like it’s smarter for us to pour all that energy into half the songs, to really hone them and release something powerful.  Furthermore, when we release songs, we do so every other month… promoting singles as we go.  It used to be, that the singles were meant to sell the album.  But with our current ‘singles culture’ and streaming culture, a lot of folks don’t buy albums.  Besides, selling records isn’t really our goal.  We are a tiny local band.  And although we feel like we have some great momentum, our singles are really out there to spread the word of Polaris Rose and our sound.  At the end of the day, we feel that releasing music constantly and being ‘alive’ on social media and in the local scene is more important.  There needs to be a constant stream of Polaris Rose coming out… with the occasional break, so we can build suspense for the next release.  It’s a timing thing, I suppose.

So you’ll probably be seeing smaller records from us coming out consistently.  Of course, this could all change tomorrow.  

In other news, we are moving to the Valley.  We signed our lease and are picking up the keys this Saturday.  We are super excited for this life event and especially to have a designated studio room.  Shark Attack Studios is getting an upgrade.  :)

We are also helping to produce some albums by some artists that we really admire.  As we speak, I am reviewing notes for a project for my sister Rachel Elizabeth.  She hasn’t started her social media presence yet.  As soon as her EP is ready, I’ll be sharing it here.

Alright.  Another blog successfully written.  I’m tasking myself with writing more frequently.  So far so good.

Madelynn Elyse