4.27.14 - a new chapter

Today begins a new chapter. 

We are training our telescopes on distant worlds and shooting stars.  We are unearthing melodies from long-buried tombs and resurrecting the dead.  We are building skyscrapers in a desperate race to reach the sky as the ground gives way beneath.  We are… well, we’re doing a lot.

First, Maddie and I want to express a heartfelt THANK YOU for listening and supporting us.  Second, we have to thank you all again for embracing OceanSongs the way you have.  The little-EP-that-could has been out for 5 days now and we couldn’t be happier with the response.

Second, a bit of an explanation.  Maddie thought it would be fun to journal about our experiences in the upcoming months, and what better time to start than when announcing…

OUR FIRST ALBUM IS IN THE WORKS.  well, to be quite honest, its been in the works for over a month.  But this month (May 2014) we are locked inside our Studio (a.k.a Apartment) demoing EVERYTHING we’ve got. 

We’ll be posting more.  We wanted to just say ‘hello’ and ‘see ya around’.  :)

- Peter

Madelynn Elyse