5.02.14 - Up for Air

Up for air. 

We’ve had a very productive first week so far.  So productive - in fact - that we’ve completed neglected these blogs.  Well, lets try to rectify that…

First, a bit of back story.  Maddie and I have a Polaris Rose catalog of songs that we always have in our back pockets.  For a long time now, we’ve had 3 distinct albums ready to go… Mechanical Clouds, Painting the Universe, and Cosmonaut.  The plan was to attempt to release Mechanical Clouds in September 2014… we had already begun demoing those songs…

And then - thankfully - we became friends with a terrific fellow who has been heavily involved with music for a long time.  His recommendation to us was that we demo EVERYTHING and then pick and choose for a first album.  So that’s what we’re doing.

This morning, we have successfully completed Mechanical Clouds (in demo form).  12 songs that is - to us - some of our best work.  Think jazzy, progressive rock with a dark side. 


In other news, we’ve made some fun CD packages for OceanSongs that we are sending to a select list of radio peeps.  We’ve made sure to personalize each one.  Maddie really spearheaded this project and she did a great job.

We’ve also booked our next show!  We can’t release the date yet, but we’re super excited for the night.  :)

Madelynn Elyse